Sometimes, I do stupid things.
This one is not really stupid, but it is fair to say... optimistic.

A very long time ago, I registered a domain, In a bright and distant past, I threw down the anchor in the humanities, and after much hassle I have a BA in Russian Language, History and literature. I am the son of a teacher and a librarian.
So what could be more obvious than wanting to create a website discussing literature?
There is, of course, a problem with this strategy: It requires effort.
So it died on the vine, and I decided to end it. Which was, at the time, sensible.
But now, of course, I start over. As a European, I have done the same... but different. I now own/rent/occupy Should it have been literary lifestyle from the beginning? it is possible.

Of course, something else happened on the way. I have always been into technology in various ways.
So, I am using the opportunity to play work with the CMS Bludit. Like this site built with the excellent Grav, Bludit is a flatfile CMS. Bludit seems simpler than Grav, and very straightforward. It will be the platform I will be working off.
Now, the next step: To actually write something.